Your humble correspondent

(Bet you thought I was never going to get around to setting this page up…)

Slipping into third-person mode for a bit:

For most of his fifty-some years, Mike Gliniecki has harbored a constant curiosity about this world, the universe, and what lies beyond.  And, although it is not his mission, he somehow manages more often than not to find humor and/or irony in what he finds out there.  At the same time, he realizes that life is not always humorous or ironic; it can also be in turn sad, intriguing, beautiful, frustrating, rewarding, teasing, poetic, demanding, poignant, triumphant, and any number of other things.  This little corner of cyberspace is his way of sharing his observations on all of these facets of life with friends, as well as total strangers.  (And a note to any “total strangers” who do stop by: You do not have to remain as such; in fact, you are encouraged not to remain so…comments are always welcome.)

As for personal info: Aside from three years in Iowa (Clear Lake and Mason City) and five years in Milwaukee, Mike has been a lifelong resident of north-central Wisconsin.  Mike has been married to Donna for nigh unto thirty years (which is something of a testament to her patience) and is the father of two sons and a daughter, all in their twenties.  Over the years, he has held many interests including (but not limited to) trivia, genealogy, reading, baseball (and baseball cards), game shows, and music of various genres.

And, on occasion, writing.


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