Belatedly celebrating World UFO Day

Did you know that Thursday was World UFO Day? Me either, until I found this on my Facebook feed yesterday:


Late to the party, as my friend Jeff is fond of saying…but funny, nevertheless.

Anyhow…seeing the post reminded me of my own UFO experience from a decade or so back. My friend Wally and I were road-tripping down to Rhody’s – our hangout in Stevens Point. (Disclosure: We were on our way to Point, and both stone-cold sober at the time). Anyhow…we were rolling down I-39, somewhere between what are now the Highway 10 and Casimir Road exits, a bit north of town and maybe five miles northwest of the Stevens Point airport. As I was driving down the highway, I suddenly saw a bright light through my windshield, high and to the right. The first thought to flash through my mind was that it was probably an airplane’s landing light. But I just as quickly wondered whether that was actually the case, inasmuch as 1) it was much brighter than one would normally expect; 2) the light had more of a yellowish tint as opposed to the incandescent white associated with landing lights – a subtle but noticeable difference; 3) it came on instantaneously at full brightness and maintained the same apparent intensity; normally, a landing light becomes visible much more gradually; and 4) it did not appear to be moving at all.

And then, a second or two later, an identical light came on next to the first. And then, after the same exact interval, another. And then, another. This repeated until there were five or six identical lights, each coming on in sequence and remaining lit; seen together, they appeared to be aligned in an arc along the leading edge of a circle, with the first light farthest to the right and each subsequent light a bit farther left. I hesitate to imply any association with “flying saucers” here, inasmuch as there was no physical object visible other than the lights (it was pitch-dark at that point in time, about 7 PM). Nevertheless, the pattern the lights took on could, by extrapolation, be associated with the shape of the stereotypical UFO.

At any rate…as I said, the lights came on one by one until five or six were visible. And then, at the instant when yet another light was expected to flash on, the first one turned off instead, just as instantaneously as it had come on. And then the second, then the third…and so on across the arc, in the same order and at the same interval. And then, after the last light went out, nothing more. I had not said anything throughout the display; it was all I could do to keep an eye on the road while looking at what was happening high above. But, after the last light went out, I turned to Wally and asked “did you just see that shit?” To which he replied “Yeah. And I just watched ‘Signs’. I really don’t want to talk about this.”

Fortunately, there was nothing more to come of it than that. (And yes, I intentionally used the word “fortunately”; I have no desire to deal with either top-secret-clearance Pentagon brass or extraterrestrials whose intentions might well be less than benign.) There was, to my knowledge, nothing in the news the next day about any reported sightings; whether, like us, others saw and did not report; whether somebody did see and report, with the media and/or authorities not deeming it newsworthy; or whether somebody told somebody to keep quiet…whatever the source of what we saw, the two of us clearly, definitely, independently and soberly saw the same thing. And, until what we saw can be identified, the flying object we saw remains “unidentified”.

Sweet dreams.


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