The words left untold

So…given how it has been pretty close to a month since I made my last post prior to today, you might be wondering just what the heck has been going on. Not much, to be honest…at least not all that much worth blogging about. I spent two weeks living the bachelor life while Donna was in Europe; trust me, the result was not all that different from the usual. And there was something of a shake-up at work…one of those things that happens from time to time. I made it through unscathed, though, if somewhat busier in the short term at least.

So, really, over the past few weeks there was nothing to inspire me to write anything here…and if there was, it did not surface in my mind. Call it writer’s block, perhaps; it has happened to far greater writers than your humble correspondent, so it should be no surprise whatsoever that the same affliction should strike here as well.

In fact, coming up with the right words can be a tricky proposition in any number of different circumstances. Sometimes a person can be on an absolute roll, and sometimes the words can completely abandon you…not just in matters of writing, but in everyday life. We have all had those moments on occasion…maybe when we try to find the right words to console somebody; perhaps while growing up when that cutie caught our eye, but we really didn’t know what to say for fear of coming across as a fool…whatever it may have been, we have all experienced it at some point.

This was brought back to mind the other day when a friend of mine changed her Facebook profile picture to a picture that included the words “Life is short. There is no time to leave important words unsaid”. And it brought to mind something I wrote a couple of years back, about something (or, perhaps, somebody…I’ll never tell) from a lifetime ago, when I found myself absolutely unable to come up with the right words…


The paper stares blankly at me as I stare back as blank as my mind
The pen waits for my guiding hand and for all of the words I can’t find
My mind goes from racing to dormant and back before I even know
What I want to tell you of things in my heart that can’t outwardly show
Of all of the feelings I have trapped inside that can’t outwardly show

Emotion takes over completely and overwhelms all of my thoughts
I’m trying as hard as I can to find sense but it all comes to naught
I wish I could make it all clear so that somehow you might understand
But everything I want to say disappears as though written in sand
The words that could tell you my thoughts disappear as though written in sand

And so I put paper and pen back aside waiting for one more day
When maybe I’ll come up with all of the words left in hiding today
While time works against me and all of the feelings and thoughts that I hold
Run risk of becoming a relic for sake of the words left untold
Left waiting to wonder what might have been save for the words left untold


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