Dreaming of Trivia

If you live anywhere near Stevens Point, Wisconsin, you know what time of year it is.

trivia logo

Trivia. With a capital T.

College radio station WWSP (90FM, aka “Your Only Alternative”) will be rolling its legendary trivia contest once again beginning at 6 PM this coming Friday. And, as usual, I am woefully underprepared…which is why I always take several days of vacation immediately before the contest to get our team headquarters ready down in the basement (as well as a day or two after the fact to recover…but I digress…)

But if I have a hard time getting things ready the week prior or keeping them ready over the course of the year, there is one facet of the contest that does pop up throughout the year that helps me to get mentally prepared:

The Recurring Trivia Nightmare.

TRTN has popped up in my dreams probably three or four times a year for the past several years – most recently last night. And it always pretty much follows the same script:

I awaken at noon or shortly afterward the Saturday of the contest at my parents’ old house – the one I grew up in – in Weston. Why we would be playing there, I have no clue, as 1) the place is twice as far from Point as our own house, and 2) there is no way in hell my Dad would ever tolerate a whole weekend – literally nonstop – of a mob chasing frantically through his house. Anyhow: As I awaken within my dream, I see my teammates looking at me like “it’s about damn time”. It then dawns on me that nobody has called in the answer for a single question thus far, eighteen hours into the contest. What in hell were they waiting for, anyhow??!! But my malfeasant teammates have an excuse:

I completely forgot to register the team. (In some variations, they actually have been calling answers in even without being registered; just where they got the assigned phone number or PIN has always been a mystery.) So I get into the car and haul my butt down to Point in order to combine an appeal for mercy with a Trivia Stone run (a sort of scavenger hunt, for the uninitiated). Exactly how I am going to pull this off, I have not yet deduced; invariably, about the time I get to the 90FM studios, I wake up.

So, yeah…I was jolted from some much-needed sleep somewhere around 2 this morning by this imaginary fiasco and my first thought was “Christ…did I remember to register the team? Oh, yeah…we do that this Monday”.

Hopefully, I will not forget.


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