Cars: Spelled like “cats”, just with one different letter

So. Just ran a couple of errands in town. One of them involved dropping off a letter at the PO. Rather than leave my nice warm car, I just drove up to the blue box, rolled the window down, dropped off my letter, and rolled the window back up.

At least, a quarter of the way up. Flicking the switch back and forth, gently pulling up while the switch was engaged…none of it worked. So I got to drive three miles in minus-2 temps at 35-45 MPH, getting a dose of weapons-grade, WTF-is-this cold…flipping the switch every half a minute or so all the way home, of course.

And then, as I parked the car, I pushed the switch one more time. Naturally, the window rolled up all the way.

Does anybody know how to say “screw you” in Car?


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