Hope springs eternal

Sometimes, after reading the news on any given day, a person feels compelled to find hope wherever possible. (I suppose that some wag out there might suggest giving up reading; sorry…that ain’t happening.)  There are days when one just wonders what in hell is going on…but then there are also days when life’s merciful distractions come to the forefront, and Hope raises her tiny voice. That this little voice far more often than not leads to an end different than one might wish does not matter; hope is what keeps the world turning for all of us when everything else wants to drag it to a standstill.

Spring training has been underway for something like a week now, and the memories of last year’s Brewer collapse have been properly filed away. Not only does the cliché about every team being currently tied for first place hold true; there are also the larger promises of imminent spring loosening the grip of subzero nights, and of the summer days to follow with all they have to offer. That the Brewers will most likely continue their streak of no World Series championships is not lost on me; that faint if unrealistic hope for the impossible is, nevertheless, one of the rites (and, perhaps, rights) of spring.

And today I saw a message that Jeopardy will be holding registration for its annual online tests in a few weeks – a bit later than usual due to the infamous Sony hack…but the test is coming. That I have virtually no chance of ever appearing on a game show again is not lost on me; although there may be some random elements in the long process of selecting contestants for Jeopardy (or any other game show), the ultimate casting decisions are not random at all. If you are not what they are looking for in matters of demographics, appearance, personality, or anything else, you will not be selected. (As a side note, the one time I did get on a game show, randomness was in fact part of the final selection process; the aforementioned factors were not in play whatsoever.  Coincidence? I think not.)  And then, of course, there is no guarantee that I will even pass the online test when it is offered.

For all of that, though: Yes, I will take the test, and not just for the challenge of seeing how well I do. For all of the times I have passed the written/online test, only to not make the cut after the audition (or not even being selected for an audition; passing the Jeopardy online test does not guarantee face time with the producers)…for all of that, there is still that tiny if delusional bit of hope that this time, maybe somebody will see something that the others did not.

Because sometimes, the only two choices are to play the impossible long shot, or to pass and guarantee odds of zero. And I say: For the love of all that is good and right…play it.


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