And then there are songs…

…that don’t suck.

Heard this one from BRONCHO’s second album (yes, the band uses all caps in their name) for the first time about a week ago – which probably makes me late to the party (to steal a line from a friend); this song has been out for a few months now.

Even without the chorus, “Class Historian” easily makes it onto my iPod, the verses bringing as they do a post-punk feel that (as my son Dan rightly noted) conjures up an eighties vibe in a very good way.

And then…there is that infernal chorus.  The term “hook” does not do this justice; perhaps “harpoon” would bring it to a more appropriate scale.  Guys…wasn’t it enough to bring out the best thing I have heard in a long time without piling on?

Adding that chorus just ain’t playing fair.


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