Springsteen was right…

“Fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on…”

So, anyhow…I see where the new boss at the Discovery Channel is vowing to get rid of fake documentaries. Good for him, I say. I always wondered how a network could air a show like “MythBusters” and then turn around and perpetuate any number of other myths on other programs. Although, if I may kindly point out, “fake” and “oversensationalized” are not necessarily the same thing, and I will reserve judgment as to exactly how much of a Good Thing this will be. I would like to think it not to be asking too much to ask that a channel called “Discovery” might actually focus on subjects such as science and nature (although that might just be me). So yes, Rich Ross, please keep “MythBusters”…but I would not complain one bit if you dropped “Street Outlaws” or “Moonshiners”.

But, as long as I am dreaming, why stop there? Memo to the History Channel: “Ice Road Truckers” ain’t history (although it would not break my heart if it became history, if you get my drift). The Truckers might fit well on another channel…but, y’know, “History Channel”.   And, if you would be so kind, could you fill its slot with some honest-to-God history rather than some trash pop-history crap?

MTV: “True Life”? “16 and Pregnant”?  No. No. No. Music Videos (and that goes for VH-1 as well). Besides, wasn’t “16 and Pregnant” pretty much covered by Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” (a loathsome song, incidentally, but at least it would fit the novel concept of all videos all the time)?

Game Show Network: “Baggage”?  Really???

Weather Channel: You sold your soul when you brought out “Storm Stories” and you haven’t looked back. The weather geek in me was far more captivated by the forecasts and the brief video snippets that actually informed about the weather. Get back to it. And drop that naming of winter storms crap. Nownownow.

And, for the love of all that is good and right, bring back Kristina Abernathy.


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